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Verona is a city on the Adige river in Veneto, Italy.It is one of the main tourist destinations in northern Italy, owing to its artistic heritage, several annual fairs, shows, and operas, such as the lyrical season in the Arena, the ancient amphitheater built by the Romans.
Visit with Stop in italy Piemonte and Lago di Orta
The most romantic place
Visit with us National park of Val Grande
Visit Selinunte: history, myths, legends ...
Visit with us Portofino: the pearl of the world
Parma: city of culinary and art
Val Gardena: the holiday paradise in the Dolomites
Top Level Wineries: 100 years of Barolo on Sordo Giovanni farm
Castello Di Issogne: one of treasures of Aosta valley
Ponza: visit a beautiful island
Top Level Wineries: Wine Tasting in Franciacorta on Ricci Curbastro farm
Visit lake Como: is an idyllic retreat
Visit Nuoro: One of the most beautiful and least known areas of Sardinia
Palermo: Sicily's capital is a colorful vibrant city
Lake Orta: the most romantic lake
Visit Erice: an unforgettable medieval hilltown near Trapani
Visit the Roman Ghetto: The ancient Jewish district
Liguria e Piemonte ...between the sea and mountains
The best cheese in Tuscany: Pecorino di Pienza
3 days in Abruzzo
Visit our tour of
demonstration with tasting
Lazio and Tuscany
Tour across the islands and beautiful cities
Visit Pavia
One of the hidden italian jewels!
only 50 km from Milan
Come to funny Carnival of Putignano
12-16-19-23-25-26-28 February 2017
The proximity to the capital Rome, chaotic and hectic, the trip to the "Castelli Romani" has always been an escape for all Romans, that in addition to the classic tour from spring picnic, love to spend a different day immersed in history the old fortified town, former residences of the rich bourgeoisie and the scenic volcanic lakes.
Stopinitaly accompanies you to visit ancient villages, villas, medieval castles and archaeological ruins animate the Castelli Romani Regional Park, in the province of Rome, for a memorable vacation.
Fabulous Wine Resort in Sicily at slopes of Etna comes from the desire to welcome within our Winery
Discover Lake Como sailing on its waters
To admire the beauty of Lake Como, its unspoiled landscapes, its banks dominated by lush vegetation, lavish villas and small towns of rare beauty where tourism, history, art and nature blend harmoniously, the ideal solution is to do it directly from its waters
Do you want to be guided to the discovery a splendid city of art, full of charm, history and culture, come to visit with us Mantova.
Visit and tasting in the Verrazzano Castle at Greve in Chianti
Fabulous is the visit that you should do at the Verrazano castle, which from the top of a hill overlooking a magnificent panorama over the Val di Greve, where you can have lunch, visit the cellars and taste the most famous local wines
Weekend of Spring in the Langhe Monferrato Roero - Piemonte
We are waiting on the hills to get your fill of nature, air, light and color, walking through vineyards and castles, ancient villages and landscapes unforgettable.
Discovering Liguria: the sea, the flavors, culture and active holiday
Geographical location, the beauty of its natural environment, its mild climate, crystal clear sea, the ancient historical evidence and spontaneous tourist have made a perfect Liguria region to offer hospitality and to spend the holidays.
Come and discover the Chianti Tuscan tradition: GUIDED TOURS & TASTING - FINE DINING - LODGING
Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure: the place of "Dolce Vita".
Sea, history, nature and art; a perfect harmony is the one that reigns in the village of Portofino
Santa Margherita Ligure is a quiet town on the sea - a trendy little - in between Rapallo and Portofino on the Italian Riviera di Levante.
Discovering the Canton Ticino with the small Centovalli train that connects the Val Vigezzo to Switzerland through evocative landscapes from Locarno to Domodossola.
walled city, is known as the "City of Chess" for the big game with living characters that takes place the second weekend of September in even years.
Bassano del Grappa:
Beautiful, elegant and full of history, Bassano del Grappa is to discover and visit. Start at the Old Bridge, known as Ponte degli Alpini, from which you can admire the city in all its glory.
The Venetian Villas:
There are numerous Venetian villas in the province of Vicenza to witness the agricultural and real estate investments of the Venetian nobles. Sumptuous works of great architects, including Andrea Palladio, if you want to explore some of them, such as Villa Godi Malinverni, Villa Trissino Trettenero, Villa Angarano Bianchi Michiel, we will suggest the most beautiful routes and exciting.
The "Museo del Gusto" is a unique reality in Italy.
Located just steps away from Pinerolo and Turin, it offers the opportunity to learn and discover local products, excellence of the territory and beyond. Numerous paths that guide the visitor to discover food traditions and contemporary taste. A real journey through the culture and knowledge of the food, in the exploration of the senses path.
If you're new to Italy, this is the right time.
Come to know the country of the sun, culture and good food.
5 day tour between:
Milano - Venice - Padua - Bologna - Florence - Rome
Come with us to discover
The Beauty of the Lakes
5 day tour between
Milano – Stresa – Montreux – Laussanne –
Geneva – Chambery – Turin - Milano
Côte d'Azur is full of all the right ingredients for a perfect holiday: blue sea, good food, bustling cities full of night life, white beaches, mountain villages and many places of art and archeology.

All this and much more is the Côte d'Azur.
Come and discover the most fascinating landscapes tourism between Italy and Slovenia
5 days tour in Venice - Trieste - Ljubljana - Bled - Postojna
Come with us to discover the magical atmosphere
of the landscapes of the Alps
Milano – Lugano – Lucerne – Zurich – Liechtenstein – Innsbruck – Verona – Sirmeone - Milano
Solar, full of life and ancient traditions, but not only. Puglia is also a land of charm, where nature Tremiti blends the spirituality of San Giovanni Rotondo, the medieval beauty of Bari, the charm of the baroque old town of Lecce alternates with mysterious symbolism of Castel del Monte. Without forgetting the Trulli of Alberobello and the suggestive views over the Salento coast. A journey of leisure and culture in the heart of a stunning region.
Enjoy the unforgettable experience in Abano Terme. Discover the area with its art, culture, wellness, and fine foods and wines.
Wine is not only drink, you smell it, you observe, you can taste, you can sip and talk about it ...
Stop in Italy invites you to a wine tasting on the territory of the province of Avellino.
The ancient villages today form the basis of a historical and cultural heritage that has made Umbria a popular tourist destination.
For those wishing to experience the thrill of a festival or a fair: oil, wine, chestnuts, mushrooms, truffles ... all events to enjoy and to visit with the 5 senses, it is in the right place Umbria
Come with us to visit the ancient Baiae near Naples, famous for its thermal waters and for the beauty of the area, was a holiday resort and rest of the Roman aristocracy.
Everyone knows about the wonders of Pompeii and Herculaneum but few are aware of the beauty of the excavations of Stabiae. Despite its smaller size compared to the other two archaeological sites, with Stabia, you can learn about other aspects of the lifestyle of the ancient Romans.
Our wine tastings, homemade, you will have the chance to live in a Renaissance castle, the warmth of a family. Its location on top of a hill overlooking the Val di Greve - just 18 km from Florence and 38 from Siena - offers a wonderful and unique view on the Tuscan countryside
Fontana di Trevi is back to its ancient splendor, restored to its former glory, has been delivered to the tourists and Romans who will again, as tradition has it, throw a coin in the fountain, to propitiate a future return to Rome. Play of light, the marble, the water tank that served as the setting for the famous bath of Anita Ekberg in "La Dolce Vita" by Federico Fellini.
Discover three natural jewels of the province Pesaro-Urbino
Between sea and nature are placed countries rich in architectural and historical, ancient villages, monasteries, libraries, museums, castles and historic villas, such as Urbino, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Gradara, Fano, Mondavio and others.
For those who want to learn how to make pizza in a professional manner professionals and holders of restaurant business who wish to learn and deepen theoretical concepts and practical experience required to operate successfully in the field of pizza. The course alternates between time allocated to learning and improvement of practical skills in theoretical sessions, essential to reap the best fruits from their work
Valmontone Outlet Village is the shopping city of the most important of Lazio and central Italy. Located in the municipality of Valmontone, the outlet is located about 40 km from Rome, in the Roman Hills, within the Integrated tourism resort of Rome-Valmontone.
Stop in Italy T.O. organizes
in collaboration with the master baker Josep Pascual

Courses of bread and "viennoiserie" (leavened and breakfast pastries) with Maestro Josep Pascual famous worldwide for his art
Let yourself astonish by emotions of the cellar, where the great red wines rest in fine oak barrels, tasting the wines of the tradition Irpina.
Stroll among unique vineyards of nearly 200 years, noting the extraordinary nature of the land and accompanying the evolutionary phases of the vineyard with the men who work it, by hand, with respect for tradition.
We want to share with you these paths through some proposed visit designed to combine a passion for wine, local culture and the tradition of fine cuisine of our restaurants
The first day of the course aims to give an overview of the yeast, as is born, what and composed as you keep and how it should be used. It will explore also the vast world of the raw materials used in making bread. Starting from flour, type and classification, water, salt, fat and other ingredients. Following will explain the different stages of the cooking and baking from mixing different types of dough. They will also prepare different types of bread Sardinian inspiration that we will have the pleasure of tasting in the evening.
The second day of the course takes, who was not there the first day, the main concepts on sourdough. As it is used in the dough cakes from time immemorial and that, nowadays, it is invoked more and more often al'utilizzo of yeast. Will mention then the rising mixed if and when to use it. We will prepare the classic sweet leavening putting in practice some techniques of collection in butter and flaking. Also we prepare the brioche bread and pan trunk alternative.
The "Tomato Piennolo Vesuvius DOP" for his quality is a fundamental ingredient of Neapolitan cuisine and bell in general, and has a great versatility in the kitchen.
Used for the traditional spaghetti with clams and other seafood, local chefs undertake to use it in many other dishes, including a variant of the delicious pizza.

Stop in Italy T.O. wants to enhance this excellent vegetable: the main objective is to introduce the potential of this product to consumers more alert and curious.
If you love nature and with a great desire to have fun ... this is the place!
In Sesia Valley we do our best to offer adventures, relaxation and comfort to the many friends who come to visit every year to try rafting, kayaking and other water sports.
Ask us all the information about our activities and our proposals.
Discover the Gragnano pasta, the best pasta ever, the first pasta from the die completely traceable.
Stop in Italy takes you on a visit unique to see and touch the ancient art of pasta more good than ever.
Apulia, a land rich in history where the colonial influences Greek, Norman and Roman have left eternal traces and where the Baroque has enriched style palaces and squares, coming to its nickname this part of Italy Tuscany South.
Let our experts suggest to book your holiday in Puglia. Carefully selected farms where you can always rely on a local service: the search of your ideal accommodation suggeritoti according to your needs, up to the holidays in Apulia.
The art of ice cream and his craftsmanship are in high demand and popular. For this reason the Stop in Italy has decided to reveal some of the secrets to a perfect ice cream by a school of Ice cream. At the laboratory, the master of Ice cream held daily tasting demonstration of ice cream. During demonstrations it describes the preparations and raw materials suitable for an ice cream ad hoc.
La Stop in Italy T.O. organizza
in collaborazione con il maestro panettiere Stefano Pibi
un corso per imparare le tecniche di panificazione moderne applicate a materie prime di qualita'.
I corsi si terranno in Roma presso Mind Bistrot il 19 e 20 Settembre 2015
The incomparable beauty of the villas and gardens of Lake Como
The tasting of traditional cuisine is one of the most interesting experiences that tourists can do in that it allows us to better understand the area that is "exploring" and the people who live there.
Among the many flavors of Como a special place is occupied by the characteristic polenta, mixed with corn flour served with red meats, stewed cod, snails or mushrooms accompanied especially the local cheeses.
According to meat and sausage accompanied by vegetables they are also used to prepare a robust dish, the cazzoéla
The depths of the lake and streams then offer different varieties of fish.
Finally, the extra virgin olive oil Laghi Lombardi Lario geographical indication: the temperate microclimate characteristic of the banks of the lake in fact favors the cultivation of olives.
Valle d'Aosta live a charming stay between nature and flavors
The smallest region of Italy is located at the north - west of the peninsula, on the border between France and Switzerland. The Aosta Valley is dotted with majestic peaks among which we find the highest peaks of the Alps like the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa, Gran Paradiso and his majesty the Mont Blanc, with its 4810 m.
Bologna, Parma and Modena three cities all to taste.
Emilia Romagna is the land of traditional food as TORTELLINI,RAGU', MORTADELLA, ACETO BALSAMICO, PROSCIUTTO, PARMIGIANO and other typic products that are used in kitchen. Our agency invites you to taste the real soul of 3 of the most important cities: Bologna, Parma and Modena.
Emotional tour in EMILIA ROMAGNA: the land of frivolous Rimini with its beaches and disco, Ravenna with its marvellous monuments and Moisacs known in the whole wide world.
Just depart for this enchanting proposal with us!
Tour of Italian cities 6 Days/ 05 nights

Welcome to Italy, land of art, food, culture, nature and LOVE. Experience our suggest for your next holidays, your palate will be cuddled and your senses amplyfied.
Enjoy this tour with our company, you won't regret it.
What do you think about a relax trip that includes spa location, typical tuscan food and visit of unexpected cities?
Here some suggests for your holidays full of entertainment and pleasure
Dear guest let's get inspired by one of the best example of Mediterranean landscape, a full immersion between the most picturesque cities of Campania's region.
Just explore the real soul of Naples, with its nature, monuments and old tradition.
Standard tour of Amalfi Coast and Naples
6 Days and 5 nights
Gastronomic Tour of Amalfi Coast and Naples
6 Days and 5 nights
Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and is full of beautiful places.
It is a must for all lovers of history, sea and good food. A territory can visit all year round, thanks to a mild climate.
Come to visit the eternal city, Rome, native land of the biggest living Emperor, of gladiators and monumental operas.
Enjoy the unexpected corners of this huge city, you will be overwhelmed by shops, fountains, churches, squares that fill up Rome
Stop in Italy invites you on an exciting journey through the lands of Piemonte in northern Italy to learn about a product - the wine - it is culture, conviviality, tradition, myth and ritual, celebration, pleasure of being together, warmth and hospitality.
Come and live with us in Piemonte at northern Italy !
The Stop in Italy offers a visit to one of the most renowned farms of Tuscia Azienda agricola del Sole. The farm is located between hazel, olive groves, vineyards and oak forests near the WWF oasis, near important Etruscan necropolis, tombs of Faliscan IV b.c. and natural ravines.
Its location allows many activities, including hiking historic archaeological and natural
Come to discover with us the Colli Euganei.
The Thermal Baths are inserted in the leafy surrounds of the Euganean Hills. A unique landscape, rich green paths to walk or mountain bike to explore a particular territory and beautiful, intense colors and scents.
Castles, Venetian villas, abbeys, medieval villages ... there are many ideas to spend pleasant hours immersed in history, surrounded by a charming atmosphere.
Take our art workshops with teacher and English artist that will allow you to experience the techniques of raku, painting on acrylic and mixed media, or jewelry. The Stopinitaly with this workshop wants to bring in the foreground great artistic tradition that, over the centuries, has enriched humanity of countless masterpieces whose splendor still makes Italy the most beautiful country and the world's richest.
Charming, full of art and history, livable: among the most beautiful cities in Italy a place of honor is certainly in Padua, popular destination for a holiday in Veneto and enjoyable throughout the year.
Culture, nature, spas, wine routes, abbeys, castles are the strengths of this city and its province.
Visit with us Matera with its enchanting landscape continues to leave visitors speechless, is the city inhabited by always, the city in which, from the Paleolithic to the present, it is possible to trace the history of the man who quietly took office here, using the resources of the territory and integrating perfectly with it, without violating it. Matera is the city of stones, the Rock Churches, the natural areas that create a unique habitat and incomparable
In the heart of Rome you can submerged in nature and history.
The Park of "Appia Antica" awaits you with visits on foot or by bike. The Appia Antica is one of the most romantic and evocative places of Rome. History and nature just steps from the center of Rome
The Stopinitaly TO wants to be a guide for those who are organizing their visit to Lucca. In our proposals will find detailed information to reach the city through the major roads.
There will be hotel to stay, bed and breakfast and cottages in the surroundings of Lucca, guides to local markets, visits to the famous spa, trails along picturesque Renaissance walls, the botanical garden and green areas, as the river park, going to create a full tour that touches both the artistic and historical peculiarities that the beautiful scenery, can not miss visiting the sumptuous renaissance villas, the remains of the Via Francigena and the symbolic places of the life of Giacomo Puccini.
The Stopinitaly invites you to visit one of the protagonists of the event in London. Allows you to enter the heart of the company between production and maturation. The goal is to educate the consumer and to spread the food and wine heritage that characterizes our territory. The company offers the opportunity to learn about the traditional preparation methods of unique products such as parmesan. We organize tours and visits to the dairy, to discover the birth and history of Parmigiano Reggiano.
The Stopinitaly in collaboration with the gladiators of the Gladiator School in Rome, offers short courses gladiatura, daily or weekly, with preparation and personal training programs.
If you also want to become a gladiator, if only for a day, and you'd like to relive the same emotions as two thousand years ago, ask for information about the course and you will enter in the story.
Complete the tasting with an interesting tour of the farm to discover our history and the various productions. Our philosophy is to share. Sharing traditions, the beauty of nature and authenticity of organic products that come from our land. A stop or a stay with us will give you the opportunity to appreciate the true spirit of the culture and tradition of Tuscany. Here you will find the friendly warmth and serene joy that come from a healthy and rich, always tied to the land and to family values​​.
Syracuse is one of the most beautiful cities in Sicily for its history, art, but also for its enviable panoramic position and its traditions. The excellences citrus crops and vegetables, in addition to products greenhouses, and wine production.
For the reception of guests there are eight apartments, two conference rooms and other common areas, as well as a professional kitchen where we organize tastings and cooking classes
For our tasting we offer typical food specialties, expressions of the excellence of the territory, accompanied by unique wines.
Experience Best of Rome on a 2 hours and 30 minutes walking. Piazza della Minerva,Pantheon,Piazza Navona,Palazzo Madama,Church of S. Agnese in Agone,Palazzo Pamphilj,Campo dei Fiori,Largo di Torre Argentina,Museum of Crypta Balbi and many other places
The Stopinitaly is a point of reference for individual tourists, groups and professionals, providing them with technical and organizational support to receive information and services, build trails and explore more closely the many opportunities that this area has always been famous wine-growing, located between Lake Iseo and the art cities of Brescia, can offer.
Our menu is simple but wholesome and based on traditional Mediterranean cooking. We make our sauce with little tomatoes from our own garden and superb virgin olive oil. The durum wheat pasta comes from the historic “Pastificio”, while the bruschetta is made in our bread oven. Together with our hams, salamis and cheeses, you have all you need for a delicious and healthy lunch. Whether you are tourists, friends, day-trippers or simply enthusiasts from anywhere in the world: Tourists, friends, hikers or enthusiasts from all over the world: our facilities welcome guests with warmth and professionalism.
The lakes are fully equipped and offer of accommodation
For those who love nature and want to spend a few days relaxing this is the right offer.
The Italian Lakes paint beautiful landscapes, due to the extraordinary richness of ecosystems that have formed over thousands of years and the general development of different plant and animal species
1st Day - The Dolomites - UNESCO World Heritage site
2nd Day - Pusteria Valley and the Tures and Aurina Valleys
3rd Day - Bressanone and surroundings
4th Day - Bolzano and surroundings
5th Day - Ultimo Valley and other Valleys
6th Day - Merano and Venosta Valley
Come to visit Eternal Rome, a small touch of a beautiful city, rich in the history of numerous centuries. Visit the magnificent sights, which Rome is full of. Be plunged into the life of the Romans, at local restaurants found on every street corner, famous shop-lined streets where it is possible to meet famous celebrities
1st Day
TRANSFER APT FCO Rome to hotel
2nd Day
Full Day visit of FLORENCE
3rd Day
The day will be passed at the resort for activities such as golf, spa treatmeants, swimming pool and the gym.
4th Day
Optional excursion to Siena
5th Day
The day will be passed at the resort for activities such as golf, spa treatmeants, swimming pool and the gym.
6th Day
Optional tour with a full Day visit of Chianti
7th Day
TRANSFER from hotel to APT FCO Rome
Where the land is generous of the most valuable truffles. Hills told by great writers - Pavese, Fenoglio - guardians of extraordinary beauty and great traditions associated with land, historic cellars and castles. There are six areas of excellence entered in the Heritage List of Unesco: the Langa of Barolo, Grinzane Cavour castle, the hills of Barbaresco, Barbera and Nice, and Canelli Asti Spumante, Monferrato of Infernotti. An area in three provinces, covering an area of ​​10,789 hectares in 29 municipalities.
This is notivazione with which they were welcomed these sites, which best describes the treasure that is here today to introduce Stopinitaly: "The wine landscapes of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato - are unique for its harmony and balance between the effective quality appearance of the rural landscape, architecture and historic buildings, and ancient and authentic tradition of viticulture".
Villa Gregoriana Park is named after Pope Gregory XVI (1831-1846), who inaugurated solemnly October 7, 1835.
In the great work of hydraulic engineering promoted by the Pope was followed by the arrangement of the surrounding area, with the creation of a park, the Villa Gregoriana.
Situated in a panoramic position at the foot of the Roman acropolis of Tivoli, this picturesque park boasts a large natural heritage, history and archeology. The tireless work of nature and man has helped to create an environment of absolute natural value, with the coexistence of natural and artificial waterfalls, gorges, ravines - a source of inspiration for poets and artists - and fascinating walks among the lush vegetation.
For all the organized groups who wish to visit Cinecittà we have developed special conditions of entry. You can plan your visit according to the preferences of your group, aware that organized groups have special needs. The visit to Cinecittà winds through exhibition areas indoors and outdoors on the set visit with specialized guides. The visit will last at least two hours, but we recommend that you plan your stay with some flexibility given the scale of the space. What we propose are different types of cards are unique in their kind, which will reveal the backstory of the Dream Factory.
How many places can offer the thrill of walking on the summit of an active volcano?
Fill your lungs with the pure air of the mountains, watching the magic of a lunar landscape, view at sunset flaming tongues of lava?
And all just a few kilometers from the sea, just enough time to take off the boots and the nearby fishing villages offer other beautiful landscapes to explore, this time wearing a diving mask to scour the depths of the lava Ionian Sea.

Start your adventure with us in the land of Etna
Associations born with the aim of enhancing the confiscated property managed by cooperatives and to develop the territory in which they reside.
The growth of tourism activity that allows you to meet and enrich travelers of all ages an opportunity to enjoy a holiday full of emotion, pleasure and relaxation, the discovery of a wealth of valuable knowledge and traditions
Turin is a city of many faces. Ancient capital of Savoy, the cradle of the Renaissance, an industrial capital city of art and culture, innovation pole. With his immense wealth inherited from centuries of history, and the dynamism of a city open to the world, the capital of Piedmont offers the visitor a perfect combination of architectural treasures and monuments, museums (over 40), art galleries, entertainment, much good food, internationally renowned events such as the Book Fair, one of Taste and the Torino Film Festival.
Five miles of inaccessible coves and towering cliffs, where nestle the villages intact, wild, incredible beauty, Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore, the guardians of an area that has been declared a National Park (only in Liguria) , added to the list of world heritage, environmental and cultural heritage.
Brings out the artist in you.
Visit our courses creation of ancient Venetian carnival masks
We suggest you not to miss this special visit in Milan
The laboratories of the Teatro alla Scala, at the former industrial site of the steelworks Ansaldo in Milan.
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